Time & Space by Veronica Mengoli #GuitarOnStream

Project of Guitar Press Office that highlights young creative filmmakers on the front page of the website has reached its 4th edition.  This special project is launched every 6 months and is aimed to discover and highlight new visual artists.

Time & Space, the 4th video clip selected by Guitar was ideated and directed by the artist Veronica Mengoli. Representing the visual concept “The Bush” by Diego Buongiorno, the narrative focus is the suspension of time. Running through those images, the author interprets timing, limited yet expandable  substance thanks to the incredible power of sensations.

Directed by: Veronica Mengoli

Stylist: Akiko Kusayanagi

Soundtrack: Diego Buongiorno

Video courtesy of veronicamengoli.com

Time and Space from Matteo Linguiti on Vimeo.