Chris Labrooy “911” Palm Springs


Chris Labrooy is a master manipulator of revved-up cars and re-interpreted realities, whether they be twisted pickup trucks, or tangled cars in Tokyo. His most recent series, ‘911’, is a playful study of the iconic 1973 Porsche 911 Carrera RS. Placed in picturesque and sun-drenched scenes drawn from the landscapes of palm springs, California and its distinctive mid-century modern architecture, the Porsche models enact unusual poses, taking dips in the pool, hanging from palm trees, and seemingly falling from the sky.



Palm springs, California serves as a sunny backdrop for the series ‘911’, where palm trees punctuate a landscape filled with mountains and mid-century modern homes. Labrooy deftly adds playfully positioned Porsche cars to the scenes, placing them in surreal situations and scenarios. At the back of a house, twelve, hot-blue cars float in a pool, semi-submerged in water; out front, four pink Porsches hang from a palm tree; on the side of the home, a white cruiser seemingly falls from the roof and winds up with its headlights facing the sky.


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