EQUILIBRISTA COLLECTION Giovanni Botticelli's mirrors

Swing Design Gallery presents “Equilibrista Mirrors”, the first personal exhibition dedicated to the young Roman designer Giovanni Botticelli. Equilibrista is a limited and numbered edition of mirrors, including floor mirrors, wall mirrors and table mirrors.

The title of the exhibition was inspired by the concept of equilibrium in more than one way: on the one hand the balance of the volume and symmetry, where the constructive meets the graphic; on the other hand an allusion to the anthropological dimension, and where the sense of harmony, order and fulfillment derive from the perfect formal and existential balance.

The weightless lightness and two-dimensional form are enhanced by the muted colours, in a perfect playful mix of embedded mirrors and coloured glas. The collection was created by master craftsmen in the Benevento area.


Courtesy of www.giovannibotticelli.eu
Photography by Danilo Donzelli