PORTO LIGHT EXPERIENCE “Metamorfose”: an Immersive and Enganging Experience

Integrated in Locomotiva program from Porto Lazer and with the motto “2015 – International Year of Light”, FAHR 021.3 and light designer José Nuno Sampaio developed a light occupation on “Metamorfose”, in a new definition of the structure’s identity.

A light work in the city, that allows people to navigate into immersive and enganging experience. For two weeks, this digital grid will provide different performative experiences, such as interactivity moments via internet or the data playback of Oporto.

This project has the latest lighting technologies that enable the dynamic of digital programming, enhancing interactivity with citizens, residents and visitors.
The challenge was launched to the Portuguese industry headquartered in Águeda, represented by the cluster “ Lighting Living Lab”, and the companies Lightenjin and Globaltronic to participate in the project as sponsors, providing the equipment, production and technical knowledge, without which the event would not be possible.

Courtesy of FARH021.3
Photo Courtesy Filipa Frois Almeida