The Brilliance of Italian Cinema Immersive Mylar Multimedia Installation

adding another dimension of brilliance to the prestigious cannes film festival, NONE — an artistic collective based in rome — celebrates italian cinema through an immersive multimedia installation. visitors entering ‘lo specchio della nostra natura’ (the brilliant side of us) find themselves within a dreamlike landscape, as if situated at the center of a crystalline structure. ‘we created an art work in which light can be captured so to be reflected endless time; and also a space where the thousands sides of our nature can be defragmented in a parametric structure shining like a crystal’, the artists describe.

NONE has composed the mirrored scenography using 120 square meters of parametric mesh coated in mylar — the most reflective material on earth. changing from bright blue to punchy purple and glistening gold, the interior landscape is punctuated by a series of screens that display fragmented images of italian actors’ faces, hands, and postures. depicting some of the most famed italian movie stars — such as isabella rossellini, totò, alberto sordi, claudia cardinale, and roberto benigni — the videos are fed across a sequence of LED surfaces, creating a single anamorphic image when viewed as a whole.

“lo specchio della nostra natura”, coordinated by production studio luce-cinecittà, is an experience that highlights italian gestures and expressions through some of the most famous faces in italian film. ‘in this precious environment, italian expressiveness appears to be on the verge between elegance and simplicity, brilliance and exaltation, constantly seeking equilibrium and identity,’ the team at NONE say. ‘each individual is different, therefore each visitor can see something personal in the reflections, in the light, in the mirror of our nature, brilliant and ironic, tragic and comic at the same time’.

Photo Courtesy of None
Courtesy of Designboom