THE SKATEROOM Art Skateboarding

Andy Warhol – Flowers

The Skateroom is the first ever platform solely dedicated to promoting, selling, and producing art on skateboards.

From graffiti and street art to fine art and photography, The Skateroom has thousands of decks on offer for collectors and art enthusiasts alike.

Chéry Samba – J’aime la couleur

Araki – Orchid

The Skateroom collaborates with contemporary artists to create editions of artwork on the medium Skateboards. These limited edition artworks are intended to be hung on a wall, just like a painting or skate on them.

Jean-Michel Basquiat’s – Demon

Robert Rauschenberg – Overdrive

Each time The Skateroom produces a new artist, part of the proceeds are donated to Skateistan, an NGO that works with youth from Afghanistan and Cambodia, building trust and providing empowerment and skills through a combination of skateboarding and educational activities.

Shepard Fairey – No Future
Courtesy of TheSkateroom