TASTING COLOURS Kaléo Restaurant in Beirut by david/nicolas

The bright corner of a new building in downtown Beirut, not far from the waterfront and the city’s historic centre, has been transformed into a riot of colour and playfulness by local design duo david/nicolas to host the equally tongue-in-cheek fine dining spot Kaléo.

The restaurant’s design edges on the quirky and dreamlike, in response to a concept of philosophical contemplation and cosmological mystery. Here, pale pink and blue are the main colours, accentuated by green chairs and white details to create a well-balanced interior that creatively packs a lot of information in its relatively small space. The use of textures and patterns is key, seen in the velvet fabrics on the furniture asking to be touched, and a “pop-corn” finish on the walls adding variety to their surface whilst creating an interesting zig-zag pattern.



Courtesy of Yatzer
PhotoCourtesy by Marco Pinarelli