“Il grande inganno” By Fragiacomo

A whole Milanese story that was created by Maria Vittoria Backhaus for the Autumn Winter Fragiacomo’s Campaign.
Fragiacomo: much more than simple footwear brand, dedicated to three generations of Milanese women. A story that runs fast, telling the first 60 years of a brand that has dressed female and male feet with the grace of its models and the quality of the Made in Italy. Accurate craftsmanship and high attention to details, between tradition and modernity, translates the classic taste and contemporary appeal of the brand DNA.

To tell the essence of the brand Maria Vittoria Backhaus, a photographer and eclectic artist whose images have already embellished the Fragiacomo celebratory monograph, which wanted to give a sinesthetic portrait of the city, reinterpreted through the senses, able to welcome it inside and sublimate the new Autumn Winter collection.

An invented Milan, an imaginary city built to tell a Milanese brand. A photo project thought for a while about the true and false that has just begun. Wandering around the city at night like Alice ”

So Maria Vittoria Backhaus describes the creative concept of her campaign for Fragiacomo. Nothing is what it looks like: urban reality joins the imaginary one, the resulting frames become stories of a veritable city, but still characterized by a specific aesthetic code that unites the symbolic places of Milan and moves them according to an unusual spatial axis . In the center of this surreal city, Fragiacomo’s collection seduces the eyes of those who look, amplify the style and trends of the winter season in a crystallized dimension that goes beyond reality by completing it.

A great deception, plunged into the illuminated Milan by night. A contrast to chromatic details and textures characterizes the collection: from the floral tapestry to velvet, to the gold and silver shades on satin dusty roses, giving life to different identities and synthesizing the creativity of Fragiacomo.

Courtesy of L’Officiel
Photo Courtesy of Maria Vittoria Backhaus e Fragiacomo