Matilda Goad’s Tips For Antique Hunting First pop-up shop in London


As the creative consultant Matilda Goad opens her first pop-up shop in London, she shares her top tips for picking up antique and second-hand pieces for your home at bargain prices.

The majority of things I own – from my clothes to my furniture in my house – are second hand. I find I want the craftsmanship and exquisite details that come with beautiful, one-off pieces, but can by no means justify spending huge amounts of money. Buying antique solves this issue. I also love the thrill of the chase: it is so much more exciting finding a gem for a complete bargain when it comes to furnishing your home. If that sounds appealing, head to my first shop, in London’s Sydney Street, where I’ve curated a mix of antiques, from vintage rugs from edit58 to lamps, and modern pieces, including cushions by Luke Edward Hall, wrapping paper and Christmas cards by illustrator Susannah Garrod, bespoke charm necklaces by Theodora Warre and edible goodies from Farm Girl. But if you’re thinking of setting off antiques-hunting alone, here are my top tips for unearthing treasure.


Courtesy of  Vogue UK
Credit photo Thea Sneve Løvstad