American Vintage Winter 2017 Nonoka Kato

American Vintage takes a decisive artistic approach, in partnership with the Ballet National de Marseille. With their shared commitment to promote creation in Marseille, one through dance and the other through fashion, it was only natural that American Vintage and the BNM set this collaborative project in motion. A National Choreography Center since 1984, the BNM is a majestic architectural site whose luminous and sunny space helps the artists who inhabit it to shine. This ascension is now illustrated by a film, which paints the portrait of Nonoka Kato, a Japanese dancer performing at the BNM. While her mother tongue is Japanese, her adopted language is dance: a vocabulary that she practices with joy and philosophy.

Through these images, Nonoka interprets a choreography exclusively composed for American Vintage. In a simple oversize sweatshirt, she is perfectly free in her movements. She soars gracefully between the stage and the rooftops of the BNM. Her movements, her serene expression and her poise… Everything about Nonoka expresses the emotion of calmness that she experiences through dance. And while she is also interested in doing theater, to improve her French, her goal is to unite the two fields one day: theater and dance. An artistic and contem- porary vision shared by American Vintage, always in search of new connections.