If trippy, outlandish digital visuals are your thing, then Slime Sunday is a name you need to know.

The online identity of Boston-based artist Mike Parisella, Slime’s motion graphics and collages are a view into an alternate reality – where disembodied heads and digital babies play in a sea of saturated colour, and endless shapes find joy in repetition. In between working on visuals for Beck’s latest album, we talked to Mike about creating art with no meaning.

Why the name Slime Sunday?

I’ve been asked that a million times but never really had the time to get into it. It came from this early Eminem interview; listen from 3:09

How would you describe your aesthetic?

A lack of consistency, constantly evolving, weird sauce.

Your favourite piece of art you’ve created so far?

It’s hard to say but I really like this one.

With most of my art, there is absolutely no meaning involved but this one I actually was feeling pretty lonely, sad, and depressed when I made it and it really captures exactly how I was feeling.

What programs / essential tools do you use to create your art?

Cinema 4d, Photoshop, X Particles, Final Cut Pro, and After Effects. I also use a lot of open source codes available on the web; like pixel sorting and data bending stuff to build textures. I’m starting to learn Z BRUSH, Octane Render, and World Machine. Getting past the learning curve is the hardest part.

Tell us a bit about the influence music has had on your work…and what would be your dream collaboration?

Making shitty music is where it all started for me. I heard Skrillex for the first time and had this massive realization that computers are the most powerful interface for art. He is doing some insanely complex sound engineering on a Macbook Pro and you have to respect that level of complexity. I bought a bunch of music programs and failed and somehow it mopped into visual art. Id love to work with him on something one day, just for fun.

What are you sick of seeing on Instagram?

I love Instagram but I don’t like how they get all wigged out with nudity. Like if you’re posting straight up porn you shouldn’t be on Instagram but if you’re posting some artistic nudes… I don’t see the issue. I also hate when people don’t give credit to someone when it’s well deserved.

Courtesy of  Hungertv