Since 1854, Louis Vuitton has been celebrating the art of travel with a series of photography books lensed by the industry’s most captivating image-makers who are traveling to new horizons and photographing the exquisite beauty of the great outdoors. This season, Vuitton is adding five new titles to the Fashion Eye series, and V is shining a light on the photographs taken by the Norweigan-born Solve Sundsbo who masterfully delivers a fresh look upon the immense territories of British Columbia.

For thirteen seasons, Sundsbo’s love of skiing has brought him back to this Canadian province on the edge of the Pacific to the coast down to the snow-capped slopes of the Sellkirk Mountains—an experience of freedom that enables him to intimately grasp the truth of the world within. “I started skiing when I was 15 months, because as soon as you walk you start to ski and for me it’s one of the things that I really miss living in the city. I enjoy being surrounded by nature, the ultimate wilderness. It’s about being outside, being one with nature,” Sundsbo says. Mountains and moraines, peaks and valleys, forests and rivers appear imperious across a series of 41 images as Sundsbo brings a fresh look to these steep territories. A master of art, Sundsbo turned his fashion eye towards capturing the untouched beauty of British Columbia’s snowy Alps, delivering remarkable landscapes that reveal his deep sense of connection with nature. “It comes to a point [where all that’s there] is: your own breath and your own heart and you have physical exercise, physical exhaustion mixed with absolute calm, so it’s this paradox of being incredibly calm and focused,” he described. Unlike capturing fashion, Sundsbo was able to apply a different tactic when it came to shooting his epic landscapes. “It’s very spontaneous; it’s the opposite of traditional landscapes, so I carry a very small camera in my pocket. When you’re outside, it’s not like a traditional landscape that you contemplate and wait for the right light, it’s about moving through landscape after landscape and seeing a movement, taking it and moving on.” The book brilliantly highlights the country’s infinite beauty and possesses the ability to awaken the soul. Click through the slideshow  below to see an exclusive preview of the soon-to-be released book.

Courtesy of  vmagazine