Metamorfosi By Etro


Metamorfosi, to change shape. More precisely, to traverse shapes – shapes that are never the same. The natural, raw materials found in Etro’s perfumes have the property of changing based on the skin they come into contact with. This creates, a symphony of scent, playing a score that can be romantic or sensual, languid or exuberant, cool or warm and entirely embracing. This is no longer the season for afterthoughts or do-overs: in the rediscovered assertiveness of being, there is no room for compromises or half-measures. And if this atmosphere so laden with expectations must have a perfume, it will be a bouquet, multifaceted like a diamond, and not without a slight touch of androgyny. The metamorphosis born from the mix of Patchouly and Io Myself, to be sprayed on one after the other and in that exact order, paints a picture around the body – a landscape rich in vision, galloping from Crete to the Urals, plying the routes of a Bohemian mirage. After a silky carpet impregnated with hints of Mediterranean fruit, amber, and musk comes the sweet, smoky heat of the rubbers and spices dear to nomads at all latitudes, condensed in the finish into a precious parterre of incense and resins.


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