LARA QUINT Emerging fashion brand


LARA QUINT is the emerging fashion brand of designer Lara Tomashchuk, which is characterized by avant-garde volume silhouettes, minimalistic cuts and innovational fabrics. The brand is considered to be intellectual, representing deep involvement in arts and psychology, elaborating various concepts and social problems. The name LARA QUINT is an abbreviation of Quintessence (from Lat. quinta essentia – fifth essence) which means the key, most important, most significant and purest essence. This is the fifth, the finest type of matter along with water, air, earth and fire. This association can be found in all designs, using unique colors, unusual shapes, lines and materials. For her latest FW’17/18 collection named “The Amish”, Lara Tomashchuk deals with themes such as risk, hope, faith and the courage to experience the new and unknown. The collection is based on these mental conditions, featuring asymmetric and sculptural pieces.

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