HARRY STYLES × GUCCI Harry Styles + a puppy + Gucci = heaven?

Long understood by pretty much everyone, being accompanied by a cute pup makes you infinitely hotter. Harry Styles doesn’t exactly need to rely on Tinder tricks to up his game, but every little helps. So does having Glen Luchford take your snaps. Having long worn Gucci get ups for his live shows, Harry is now the face of Gucci Men’s Tailoring for AW18.

Tugging at our heartstrings further, the new campaign is set in a North London chippy, although disappointingly there isn’t a saveloy or pickled egg in sight. While we dread to think of the dry cleaning bill for full Gucci looks that smell like deep fat friers, it’s a deliciously kitschy and nostalgic theme brought bang into 2018 with the contemporary, embellished styling.

There’s pet chickens thrown into the mix, because, why not? We’ve seen weirder down the fish bar on a Friday. The campaign lands in full across all mediums this month. We’re expecting fish and chip shop revenues to triple.

Courtesy of  wonderlandmagazine