TeamLab Suspends Colorful Lamps for Immersive New Exhibition Responding to human interaction

Following its Planets TOKYO amusement park, teamLab returns with an immersive new exhibition located in the large Mifuneyama Rakuen garden in Kyushu, Japan. Entitled “Forest and Spiral of Resonating Lamps in the Forest – One Stroke, Summer Forest,” the immense presentation is filled with hundreds of suspended lamps in varying colors that draw inspiration from the surrounding natural landscape. Meticulously crafted from Venetian glass, the lamps shine in Yomogi Herb Green, Orange Blossom, Chinaberry, Young Myrtle, and Hydrangea tones. Moreover, these lamps respond to human interaction. “When a resonating light encounters the light originating from another person, the lamplight glows a combination of all the light that reaches it at that point, and for an extended period of time,” said the collective. “If a light comes from the other side of the room, it means that there is someone else there. People become aware of the presence of others in the same space.”

“Summer Forest” is on view until October 28. Head over to teamLab’s official website to learn more about the exhibition and to view other projects. In related news, London’s Hayward Gallery is gearing up to launch an immersive exhibition with works by Anish Kapoor, Yayoi Kusama, and more.

Courtesy of hypebeast