American Vintage F/W 2018 Campaign

We love this journey that transports us to this other world, this reliable and timeless territory. We dearly hope that there will be something new in this constancy, a little special something that only an experienced eye could see. In the dining room, a fire warms the space and creates an atmosphere perfect for long conversations and shared secrets. Here, far from the hustle and bustle of the city, we can really talk.

We can finally take the time to be ourselves. We play on equal terms in this place that presents its true colors. We put things together, we create an intimate, personal fashion depending on the state of the sky, the activity, the time of day. This clothing is a part of the story of this rural world. It reflects its colors, its environment, its harsh climate. It becomes an ultimate protection against a sometimes hostile territory. This timeless, ever-fashionable style, passed down from the collective memory, makes it possible to take on nature and its moods.

A layer of textile, sewn from this nostalgia for an era that we wish still existed. At dawn, we walk along this path at the outskirts of the woods. We find ourselves faced with this land and its immensity, this landscape ready to take you in its arms. This nature in which we lose ourselves, this wild and changing country. We are amazed by what this place wants to offer us and we take without demands, without expectations. In the distance, a church bell rings, the sole reminder of the passing time. More than the time, it sets the tempo of this encounter, the soundtrack of the weekend.

It’s time to sit down for dinner, contemplating these flames whose wafting warmth quickens the heartbeat of the house. We are witnesses to a series of generations who laughed, cried and loved in this place. These friends embrace life, savoring every remaining moment in this ephemeral existence, this break that will soon come to a close, taking everyone back to their own reality. It’s always too short. These things are too rare, making them priceless.