Petecia Le Fawnhawk Regains human freedom in the desert

Every time Petecia Le Fawnhawkartist and creative director of Los Angeles, dedicates herself to an art, no matter if it is drawing, collage, video or photo, the final work always manages to surprise. Her passion for the desert inspires her latest series of photographic works. In this place, which seems to be the only one to have been saved from the hand of man, Le Fawnhawk builds unique creations, dreamlike, so minimalist as to seem surreal. It is as if a world made up of forms and people who do not exist were to come to life, moving away from that network of cities and concepts that cages us in the modernity in which we live. In addition to feeling deeply connected with what the desert symbolizes, the artist finds herself in perfect affinity with this place that reminds her of the childhood spent in the Arizona desert. The artist’s eyes and sensitivity filter the reality that is returned to us in a different form, which makes us reflect and allows us to explore another desert, the inner one.

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Courtesy of  Collater