Cityscapes by painter Jeremy Mann

Jeremy Mann is an artist from San Francisco, one of the most interesting and emerging figures in the contemporary realist painting panorama. His style suggests a contemporary and urban impressionism, like a new Monet that instead of water lilies and reflections on the water is hit by the night lights of a skyscraper seen from the window of his car.

Jeremy’s Cityscapes are blurred and sharp, their colors are dazzling and dark. These are interwoven with a romantic realism, by a melancholic nocturnal animal, which is swallowed up by the city, its smoky atmosphere and the flashing lights. In his paintings you expect the wiper to pass any minute now, or that a drop will start to flow along the canvas. Each of his works is a mix of mystery and abrasive charm, capable of portraying the sublime light of iconic cities such as New York and San Francisco.

Courtesy of  Collater