Nebl Planter Inspired By Landscapes Blanketed In Fog

German nebel, from the Latin nebula, translates to mean fog—an opaque mass of particles, usually composed of water, that sit suspended in the air, restricting visibility. As an ode to misty German mornings spent in nature, Berlin-based firm Studio Rem has created the ‘Nebl’ planter.

Designer Michael Rem explains that the intention of the ‘Nebl’ is to evoke a tranquility similar to that of the meteorological event itself. The planter allows the quiet calm of a landscape blanketed in fog the opportunity of an interior existence. Comprised of two parts, the ‘Nebl’ features a ceramic base where the plant sits, and a frosted glass orb that encloses the plant, encasing it in ‘fog’. This collection of planters exemplifies the studio’s ethos, which Rem explains as “minimal and cautious—warm and emotional. It needs to be felt not only seen.”
Courtesy of  Ignant