The Fragility Of Chalk Meets The Mastery Of Marble In Ossimori By Studiopepe

Ossimori, which translates from Italian to mean oxymoron, is the title of a collection of minimalist sculptures designed by Milan-based atelier, Studiopepe. The ten part collection explores the concept of ossimori: In each piece, contradictory elements appear in conjunction with one another, balancing harmoniously despite their difference. “These are the rediscovered forms”, Studiopepe explains of the compositions. “Ready-made extracts, discovered among a mass of refuse where form is not yet literate.” Each piece is wholly unique; opposing shapes and materials are buttressed in a complementary manner designed to give the sculpture a narrative form. The simple geometric shapes of the sculptures are carved from a variety of materials—marble, chalk, travertine, granite, copper, and glass. Some incorporate functional elements, operating as lamps, mirrors, and side tables; others are purely decorative, acting as abstract aesthetic investigations into materiality. Originally shown at Salone del Mobile in 2015, the collection is being launched in LA at the Hollywood showroom of design gallery, Graye.

Courtesy of ignant