Palms Casino Resort by Damien Hirst sharks and butterflies

Artist Damien Hirst has contributed to the creation of exclusive Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas. Discover more in our gallery! Famous English artist Damien Hirst has signed the interiors of Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas, whose images have quickly become viral. It is not the first time that the designer realizes this type of projects, an example is the Pharmacy restaurant-bar. This is obviously an exclusive and eccentric structure, like the artist: inside we find suspended sharks in formaldehyde, huge graphics of pills and floors decorated with butterflies; all done with the help of the architects Bentel & Bentelincluding the brand new Empathy Suite.

The price? For a stay of two nights, you have to pay $ 200,000, after all the mega villa of 800 square meters is part of the Sky Villas resort series and offers comforts such as an area dedicated to fitness, a wellness area, butler service, a pool overlooking the Las Vegas Strip and an H24 driver. If you want to know more, take a look at our gallery and the hotel’s website.

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