Under is the first underwater restaurant in Europe

Under now is reality, we are talking about the “largest underwater restaurant in the world”, which emerges from a steep coast of the village of Båly, Norway.

Snøhetta was born as a collaborative laboratory of architecture with a transdisciplinary attitude, confirmed by this new project: the restaurant measures 495 square meters is preceded by a large panoramic window that offers visitors a unique underwater experience. The structure can accommodate up to 40 people and is spread over three levels which include: wardrobe, champagne bar and main restaurant downstairs. What if the weather is bad?

“If the weather is bad, it’s very bad. It’s a great experience to sit here and be safe, being in close contact with nature. It’s a very romantic and pleasant experience”.

The lead architect Rune Grasdal explains that the walls are half a meter thick and offer optimal weather resistance, but at the same time, they do not give the idea of making guests feel trapped because of the great seemingly visible. Outside working hours, the facility will be a laboratory for marine biologists who will study the behavior of fish, in particular, their reactions to light.

Visit the website here.