Hyères Festival With American Vintage

As part of the 34th Festival of Fashion, Photography and Fashion Accessories in Hyères, American Vintage is creating an ephemeral space dedicated to vegetable dyeing with the French manufacturer WHOLE. During the 34th International Festival of Fashion, Photography and Fashion Accessories in Hyères, American Vintage and French manufacturer Whole unveil a space devoted to vegetable dyeing. A partner of the festival since 2017, American Vintage celebrates emerging photography talents with its American Vintage Photography Award. In previous years, winners Luis Alberto Rodriguez (2017) and Sarah Mei Herman (2018) exhibited their photos in a brand store and received a cash prize of 15,000 euros.

Workshop series

In 2019, in parallel to its Award, American Vintage continues to proudly support creative and committed initiatives by conducting a series of workshops based on vegetable dyes. Guided by French manufacturer Whole, festivalgoers can discover and make their own artisanal, natural and lasting dyes and use them on American Vintage cotton pieces. In blue, with indigo extract from a plant lled with coloring pigments, or in pink, with a preparation made from avocado skin, the brand’s iconic T-shirt and tank top take on an eco-friendly, do-good and playful aura. A tribute to the Marseille brand’s passion for developing unique and vibrant colors since its creation in 2005.

Limited edition

To extend the experience of this vegetal space beyond these walls, a series of tank tops and T-shirts dyed by Whole in pink, the distinctive color of the Villa Noailles living room, will be available in a very limited edition. The pieces will be sold as of April 22 at the Villa Noailles, in a selection of American Vintage points of sale and in the brand’s e-shop.

Hubert Crabières wins the American Vintage Photography Award in Hyères

Fascinating and almost hypnotic, the American Vintage photograph presented by Hubert Crabières at the 34th International Festival of Fashion, Photography and Fashion Accessories in Hyères is the result of a long process. Initially photographed in a studio with the brand clothing, these shots of the photographer’s friends and loved ones were printed on satin in life-size scale. The models then brandished these luminous doppelgängers like banners of their own identity, carrying them high in the blue sky overlooking the Butte des Châtaigners in Argenteuil. “The light breeze and the sun setting on the city gave an almost magical feel to the evening. When I look at the photo, I remember walking from the studio to the Butte, with these characters flying through the city in a strange procession.”

Courtesy of  American Vintage