Zhongshuge the most beautiful bookstore in the world that looks like a painting by Escher

In a historical period in which it seems that the book is, almost, past fashion, perhaps the study of architecture X+Living has found a brilliant way to relaunch it. This ingenious idea responds to the name of Zhongshuge and is a bookshop with a surreal, almost magical aspect, located in the Chinese district of Binjiang.

In addition to being an intricate labyrinth of staircases, rooms, and corridors, which alone create a place to be discovered, the main feature of the Zhongshuge is the immoderate use of mirrors. Forget, however, the classic mirrors to hang on the walls, I’m talking about entire ceilings, walls or floors mirrored. This aesthetic choice creates a unique optical illusion, multiplying spaces endlessly. Going looking for a book at Zhongshuge becomes a life experience, a sort of visit inside an immersed installation, the only difference is that it remains there every day, always at your disposal.

Courtesy of  Collateral