Fintan Magee spectacular and hyper-realistic murals

The artist Fintan Magee was born in Australia in 1985 in Lismore and today is considered one of the most talented street artists in the world. Growing up in Brisbane, he was already famous in the street scene even before graduating in fine arts. His story is that of the classic child prodigy, but unlike many others, he was strongly supported by his family that has always encouraged his artistic inclination.

In addition to Fintan’s undeniable ability to render every image with great credibility and realism, he himself defined the focus of his work as follows:

“My task is to explore loss, memory and show how a new reality to which we are accustomed can be created in the environment. I love to paint on the street, because art integrates with everyday life, stimulating people to have an opinion on it”.

Street art becomes the most powerful means to convey messages, to pull the plug from reality and above all, to reflect: the artist is interested in current themes and topics, enhanced by his figurative style that has the characteristic of being conceived on a large scale.

Courtesy of  Collateral