Chandler Bondurant Photographs Mexico, Where Landscapes Burst With Heat, Color, And Emotion

Brooklyn-based photographer Chandler Bondurant spent time traveling through Mexico City down to the state of Oaxaca, capturing on film the bright colors and contrasts between the urban architecture of the capital, and the blazing sunshine in the Oaxacan countryside. Having first picked up a camera in high school, Bondurant was immediately fascinated by the technical aspect of photography. “From there, I spent all of my time learning and really delving into the craft”, he explains to IGNANT. “Whenever I wasn’t working or in school, I was out taking photos. But it wasn’t until much later that I decided to go back to school and pursue it as my full-time job.” Earlier this year,

“I wanted to

illustrate the feeling
of what it felt like to

be there”

Bondurant and his partner took time away from their jobs to fly to Mexico, moving through the cosmopolitan capital and venturing down to tranquil Oaxaca for ten days. “It was exactly what we wanted; a perfect contrast between a lively urban center and nature”, he says.

Courtesy of  IGNANT