‘Eat Darling Eat’ is a Postmodernist Dessert Laboratory - Hong Kong

‘Eat Darling Eat’ is a dessert laboratory in Hong Kong, offering customers a visual respite from bustling Causeway Bay neighborhood with their whimsical interiors that mirror the imaginative, eclectic menu of delicious bites and the brand’s innovative philosophy of rediscovering classic childhood desserts, with a very contemporary twist. The interior designed by NC Design and Architecture, stimulates visual senses with provocative tones and textures that celebrate the art of dessert making.

The design aesthetic is fully immersive, creating an illusory environment with the use of bright geometries and organic shapes. The result is one-of-a-kind: bold, surreal, and a utopian remedy that enhances the global perspective of popular culture.

‘The whole idea was to create a fully immersive environment,’ explained NC founder Nelson Chow, referring to the optical illusions achieved with the bespoke elements. ‘It is a utopian remedy that escapes from the global perspective of popular culture.’

Courtesy of  Trendland