Inès Longevial a Sensitive Painter

Inès Longevial’s paintings look light and casual, but they are like plunging into a subtle, very coloured and sometimes provocative world. On her canvases, in a mix of blurred lines and forms, Inès creates faces with intense looks, where the curves of a body explore the human with a lot of poetry. No contours and no shades in her creations, where the gently mixed colours make us feel like we are in a suspended time. It makes us want to look again at these bodies which stare at us. Inès paints her coloured visions on any medium and always with the same energy. A collection of short-lived tattoo sketches, a scarf with Amélie Pichard, collaborations with NikeFred Perry and others… Her art tells us a lot, and besides her work as a painter, she is also an illustrator and keeps collaborating with great people and brands she carefully chooses. A refreshing artist you must absolutely know.

Courtesy of  Thesocialitefamily