Universe of Words By Emmanuelle Moureaux

Universe of Words is an incredible installation of 140,000 pieces of paper and was created by Tokyo-based French architect and designer Emmanuelle Moureaux, known to the public for a long time because of the original use of color in her creations. The work was designed to celebrate the centenary of a Japanese soft drink company: each piece of paper is cut into a symbol of the Japanese hiragana writing system. Universe of Words was inaugurated this Summer during the Tanabata Festival and is inspired by the Japanese tradition of writing wishes on paper and hanging them on bamboo branches.

“The universe created by these floating hiraganas evokes a strong emotion through its quietness and its infinity”.

The installation features 46 hiragana characters that have been aligned by color in three-dimensional grids. The sections of the installation have been removed so that visitors can come into contact with an immersive and all-encompassing reality.

Courtesy of Collateral