Creative studio TRÜF a series 'Animals Strike Curious Poses'

That’ how Prince sang in 1984. Inspired by that song, Adam Goldberg and Monika Kehrer, founders of the Californian creative studio TRÜF, created a series of illustrations entitled exactly Animals Strike Curious Poses. Protagonists of the images? The animals and their strange and unusual poses, of course. On white backgrounds, TRÜF’s creatives represented snakes, bees, birds, whales and other animal species in their characteristic minimalist and graphic style. A few colors – black, red and blue -, a few shapes and a few lines, come together on the sheet to create the bodies of the animals in a stylized and geometric way. In addition to conveying an unprecedented vision of the living things that surround us, TRÜF’s works are also beautiful patterns, perfect for decorating anything, but in a very original way.

Courtesy of Collateral