Agnes and Anthony creates dream-like paper Art Installation for Hermès store in Amsterdam

Designed for the new hermès crystal houses store in amsterdam, brussels-based duo agnes and anthony has created ‘the dream hunter’ art installation crafted from paper and recycled cardboard. taking inspiration from a spirit called baku, which, coming from ancient japanese folklore, says that if you have a nightmare you can call baku three times and they will come to eat your nightmares. in reference to this, the intervention features a giant furry monster, or dream eater, who is now hunting for dreams in the luxury fashion brand’s window display.

Positioned behind the glass brick facade of the new hermès store, the installation follows the friendly monster through the night as it hunts for dreams and nightmares in a sleeping city before returning to its magical home deep in the jungle. every element of the work by agnes and anthony is intended to evoke a feeling of a dream-like state. for the design of the setting, they have taken inspiration from the playscape of the japanese-amercian artist isamu noguchi and the dreamy architecture of ricardo bofill. The other key element of the design is the color palette. the contrast between the rich purple and the bright gradients is meant to give the illusion of the night and to draw passers-by into this mysterious world. in addition, everything in the installation is handmade in paper and recycled cardboard in the duo’s studio in brussels.

Courtesy of DesignBoom