Harry Nuriev’s Bookable Moscow Apartment Turns Brutalism Blue The Crosby Studios founder harnesses the sharing economy to bring his colorful design language to the masses

For most, nostalgia sets off fond recollections of simpler times. Harry Nuriev, however, doesn’t merely recall them—he physically recreates his childhood memories with the utmost clarity and imagination. The Moscow-born, New York–based founder of Crosby Studios has become synonymous with Instagram-friendly interiors populated with playfully contoured furniture, each one saturated in monochromatic hues. At Collective Design 2018, he summoned his Russian upbringing with a rotating purple carousel table set against a backdrop of wallpaper depicting the concrete apartment blocks he knew as a child. For a Dallas Contemporary solo exhibition that same year, he assembled a gaggle of rubber tire swans, a nod to Soviet lawn kitsch. His latest endeavor, a rentable studio apartment in Moscow, again sets his design sensibilities in another time, while thrusting the share economy headlong into the future. Tucked away in a secluded, tree-lined backyard is a rentable, multi-use space replete with Crosby Studios furnishings uniformly coated in a rich shade of Yves Klein blue. Surreal, imaginative details flourish: a makeshift chandelier, made of cobalt Bic pens, floats above an ovoid meeting table supported by curvy, neotenic legs. The kitchen buildout, meanwhile, is clad in broken tiles and Gzhel, a classic Russian floral print. The apartment, which brings Nuriev’s childhood dream space to life, “has everything I love,” he says. “Flowers, blue, and my heritage.”

Courtesy of Surface