Do It Yurtself A Modern Yurt You Can Build Yourself

Never in a million years did I imagine myself wanting to live in a yurt… but that was before peeping the yurt that Zach Both and Nicole Lopez designed and built over the course of six months. You might remember Zach from a few years back when he turned a used cargo van into a mobile studio and then shared details in a step-by-step manual so you could trick out your own van, via The Vanual. Now he’s gone bigger and bolder, along with his girlfriend Nicole, to offer the same kind of do-it-yourself guide, aka Do It Yurtself, to help others build their own modern yurt. Before you start buying land and building materials, take a look at the modern yurt they call home that’s constructed just 20 minutes outside of Portland, Oregon.

Courtesy of DesignMilk