Bianca Wilson Color, Line and Shape

Geometric buildings are the central subject of Australian artist Bianca Wilson’s paintings; her boldly colored artworks of manmade landscapes express her fascination with architectural forms. Wilson draws inspiration from Sydney, the city she resides in, and cities she has visited, such as Tokyo, Osaka, and Melbourne. Her paint strokes are applied with precision: sharp, angular lines intersect with repeating patterns to create scenes of entire buildings, or of magnified architectural details. Color is used to enhance each building—for example, the artwork ‘Total House, Melbourne’ (2019), is an acrylic on canvas variation on the Brutalist building of the same name. Yet unlike the typically gray facade that fronts many examples of Brutalism, Wilson’s artwork brims with orange and coral hues. Not dissimilarly, her artwork ‘View from the balcony no.1’ (2019), presents a row of double-fronted Victorian houses, familiar to many who reside in Australian cities such as Melbourne and Sydney. In this work, a lilac sky sits atop maroon and dark green homes—the result is an aesthetic that is otherworldly yet still familiar.

Courtesy of Ignant