Lavazza 2020 Calendar by David LaChapelle

Earth CelebrAction’ is the new 2020 Lavazza Calendar, honoring the relationship between man and nature. Introduced in 1993, the Limited Edition Lavazza Calendar was first photographed by Helmut Newton and this year, through the lens of photographer David LaChapelle, they captured expressive actions designed to cohere humanity and Earth. Best known for his surreal celebrity portraits, Lachapelle shot the 2020 edition in Hawaii – And with this new title, the Lavazza team wanted to spectacularly celebrate the relationship that links mankind with nature and at the same time suggest a number of actions to save it. The verbs articulating these extraordinary photos by David LaChapelle express every one of our urgent needs to communicate responsibility towards the people around us and the world in which we live.

This Lavazza Calendar “earthly celebration” action was in itself a dream collaboration to continue my journey of imagining man and nature together in a harmonious idyllic paradise,” says LaChapelle – ” I’m grateful for this – for this chance to have absolute freedom – and to work with a company I respect, and that respects the earth, and I also enjoy and ultimately to create these photos I am so happy with.” “LaChapelle has been able to interpret values in which we strongly believe and it has been a privilege to work with him”, comments Francesca Lavazza, a great granddaughter of the original founder of the company, “We touched on themes of great social impact and tried to tell the story of the importance of reconnecting with nature.” During this Art Basel, American actress, model and animal rights activist Pamela Anderson joined Lavazza’s US CEO Davide Riboni and photographer David LaChapelle for the launch of Lavazza’s 2020 Calendar at Casa Faena’s Gitano, where guests enjoyed a performance by burlesque dancer, Perle Noire and music by DJ JonJon Battles. A choice of three “coffee infused” specialty cocktails were served; the stunning images of the 2020 Calendar were projected on the walls of Casa Faena. To support the introduction of Lavazza’s newest products in Miami, a Lavazza pop up was open daily at the Faena Bazaar during the fair where guests could test the product, and view the 2020 Calendar.

Courtesy of Trendland