Muqarna Mutation the latest work by Michael Hansmeyer

Architect and programmer Michael Hansmeyer who, through his work, explores the use of algorithms to generate and fabricate architectural forms, has completed his latest work by presenting it as a preview at the Mori Art Museum in TokyoMuqarna Mutation. The latter represents a central piece of the art exhibition and is an installation more than 6 meters wide and at the same time very high. Muqarna Mutation looks a bit like a mega chandelier and has been algorithmically designed and manufactured in a robotic way with the aim of being installed in a central exhibition hall. The project explores how – in the context of the fourth industrial revolution – robotic calculation and manufacturing can introduce a geometric art based on precise and detailed rules. Muqarna Mutation uses a certain type of algorithm that allows the development of a system that connects, through a massive column, the center of an exhibition hall to the ceiling. The algorithm generates hundreds of thousands of tiles on sixteen different levels. These create an ornamental transition from the column to the ceiling.

Courtesy of Trendland