Maison Matisse Contemporary Designers Bring Matisse Back to Life

If the name sounds familiar to you it’s because Maison Matisse was created by the fourth generation of the famous painter family : Henri Matisse. The design house wants to offer through its collections a contemporary reinterpretation of the artist’s paintings while perpetuating his style and his artistic universe.

“We were looking for an idea to bring my great-grandfather’s spirit to life without reproducing or. plagiarizing what he did so well in his time,” said great-grandson, Jean-Matthieu Matisse. A collection of objects imposed itself because, in his paintings, there were always objects-actors of his canvas: a vase, a pitcher, a chair … “

Last year they collaborated with renowned international designers such as The Bouroullec brothersAlessandro Mendini or Jaime Hayon for a series of colorful vases. For this second chapter, Maison Matisse decided to pair with young French-Polish designer Marta Bakowski to work on a tableware collection. Inspired by the painting “La Musique”, painted in 1939, the collection of ceramic objects plays with the iconic style of Henri Matisse : the wavy curves of the foliage, the regular cadence of the grid, the rhythm of geometric shapes, faces and solar patterns. The 14 pieces include platters, serving bowls, bottles, plates and pitchers. Some are more graphic with colorful spontaneous patterns, when other are adorned with a naive hand drawing and a softer color palette. The whole collection is a balance between Marta Bakoski aesthetic and Matisse graphic style. While being faithful to the painter, Maison Matisse explore new way to bring Matisse into our homes.

Courtesy of Collateral