Everyday packaging gets reframed by Daniel Emma

Packaging – it draws many questions. Do we need it? How can we recycle it? Rethink it? Adelaide-based industrial design studio Daniel Emma is changing the narrative on packaging, and embracing its beauty with a new exhibition on view at Beulah Park-based gallery Hugo Michell Gallery.

Duo Daniel To and Emma Aiston often focus on everyday, sometimes forgotten objects in their practice, elevating them with whimsy. ‘Packaging is quite often just a throw away item, and it is what is inside that is celebrated, which is such a shame! We have a long standing love of packaging and have many strong memories associated with it,’ they explain. For the exhibition, titled Pak-Uh-Jing (phonetic sounds for the term), Daniel Emma have a forensic view on the subject – ‘for us, this influence of packaging, ranging from form to colour, is indirectly a theme in much of our work.’

Courtesy of Wallpaper