The New Zealand artist Nadia Flower is a creative, specializing in the areas of fashion, illustration and patterns. Random, instinctive and playful, her mixed-media illustrations has a contemporary look and feel with the hand of the artist always present. Through her illustrations, she helps clients to realize their visual message. Scribbles is a signature style developed by Nadia, which is ideal for product customization, and she has drawn on brands from Prada through to Nike as part of their retail promotions.

She’s bringing her striking, graphic style to life in areas such as fashion, design, advertising, retail and publishing. Nadia’s work has also been featured in a number of publications and exhibitions. Nadia lived in London where she worked in the fashion industry after graduating art school and is now located back in New Zealand where she was born. She has also done a residency in China for a month where she customized purchases in the Luxury fashion sector.

Courtesy of  Trendland