Polina Washington and her bucolic shots

Those of Polina Washington are photographs that capture soul and body and, above all, never tire. That’s why we go back to talk about it and if the first time we presented her work we focused on some multiple exposures and shots characterized by artificial lights and neon, this time we put more delicate images to your attention. Within Polina Washington’s portfolio we can, in fact, notice some constant elements that tend to repeat themselves that have contributed to the creation of a unique style and that many try to imitate.  Without a shadow of a doubt, the artistic research of the Russian photographer passes through the human body that crumples and bends on itself becoming a set of shapes that create plays of light and shadow. We can then notice how, more and more often, the human element is combined with the natural one, with enormous philodendron leaves or delicate pastel-colored flowers.

Courtesy of Collateral