A studio with a suspended bed by Pía Mendaro for artist Clara Cebrian

In Madrid, spanish architect Pía Mendaro has designed a home/studio for her friend, Artist Clara cebrian. Named ‘topo’s shed’, the space is a converted warehouse that measures 10 meters by 10 meters (33 x 33ft). ‘Clara is an artist and does not like overly designed things,’ explains mendaro. ‘She wanted something ‘like ron weasley’s house’; something that could adapt to the needs that appear over time.’ Consequently, the project was designed to be as flexible as possible — serving as a ‘basis for life to happen’.

The focal point of the interior is the elevated bed, which Mendaro designed alongside Manuel Ocaña. Capable of supporting up to five people, the lightweight, suspended platform is accessed via a separate structure — a movable device reminiscent of airplane step ladders. As well as freeing up valuable floor space for Cabrian’s work, the raised sleeping accommodation also provides external views and access to an outdoor space — an element of the design that the architect believes is necessary for mental health.

Read as a perfect square, the interior is contained beneath a gable roof held by two steel rafters. the bathroom is hidden behind a single wall, which also serves as a backdrop for the kitchen and its appliances. Apart from a couch in one corner of the room, the remainder of the space has been left empty, with the artist’s work taking precedence. As well as working freelance, Pía Mendaro is also a member of Endemico— a young architecture studio based in Madrid.

Courtesy of designboom