RAF SIMONS ARCHIVE REDUX Re-Examined and Re-Contextualised


Raf Simons is re-examining and re-contextualising the past, allowing a new generation of the label’s fans will get their hands on some of its most iconic garments.

Described as a “reexamination and recontextualisation of the past, for and within the present”, the initiative will see the Antwerp-based label reissue 100 of its best-hit pieces from its hallowed archives.

For its 25th anniversary, Raf Simons is celebrating with the launch of Raf Simons Archive Redux. With the future of fashion looking out-of-focus, it’s only expected that we look back through years of iconic fashion.

We still are unaware of which iconic pieces will be available but the precise selection of pieces is set to be revealed later this month, with deliveries to arrive in stores by December this year.

While we have to wait to see what will be “re-examined and re-contextualised” we can expect an offering of iconic pieces that are a well-rounded insight into Raf Simons quarter-century period at the forefront of the fashion industry. Showcasing “different eras, obsessions, and creative approaches”, with each piece a living artefact of fashion history in its own right.

Courtesy of i-D