Danish fashion brand Ganni is teaming up with Levi’s on an exclusive rental only capsule collection, which will be available through Ganni Repeat.

The Ganni and Levi’s ‘Love Letter’ collaboration will feature three staple denim pieces, a button-down shirt, 501 jeans and a shirt dress, all of which have been made from upcycled vintage Levi’s and repurposed denim.

The upcycled designs are an ode to the “wearability, longevity and heritage of Levi’s 501 jeans, while incorporating playful and hero shapes, such as patchwork, voluminous sleeves and Peter Pan collarsm, typical of Ganni’s signature.

The capsule marks the first rental only collection for both brands and aims to explore a new circular approach to fashion collaborations, as the collection has been designed to be “worn by many, but not owned by anyone”.

How does it work? RENT for 1 week or 3, choose to rent now or reserve for the future; RETURN for free in repack with worry about dry cleaning; REPEAT, rent or repeat to share the love and keep the cycle going.

The collection, which will be available to rent in the UK, Denmark, and the US, will be supported by a digital experience using innovative Near Field Communication (NFC) technology in partnership with connected experience agency SharpEnd, who will deliver a ‘post tap’ curated experience through the NFC chip embedded with the back-patch of each piece.

Consumers will be able to rent the products by simply tapping the NFC enabled size patch with a smartphone. Renters can unlock the history of each piece and discover which Ganni Girls have rented out the piece before them.

All rentals will be delivered in RePack reusable packaging, and all returned items will be “carefully checked and treated” following strict cleaning methods, and will be environmentally efficient to meets the Nordic Swan label’s standards, explained Ganni. Each piece will be cleaned and stored for 72 hours before being available to rent again.

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