This isn’t a campaign. It’s the story of life. American Vintage Fall Winter 2020 Campaign

Lovers or friends. Parents or children. Brothers or sisters. This isn’t a campaign. It’s the story of life. This autumn winter 2020-2021, American Vintage continues its quest for intimacy by inviting photographer Julia Champeau to capture portraits of everyday men and women. Against a white backdrop, these slices of life are immortalised in a studio.

A father poses with his daughters. A little sister with her big brother. Friends in duos or trios. In these images, our eye lingers on a stance, an attitude, a gaze. We don’t overthink anything. We just observe. We laugh. Authentic, tender and sometimes awkward, the gestures are imbued with gentleness.

A creative response to the current context, the campaign focuses on the keyword of 2020: essential. For the first time, the city and countryside disappear, giving centre stage to bare, authentic and powerful reality.

For a more authentic, more intimate season that is as real as real can get, the brand envisioned its autumn/winter 2020-2021 campaign with a “street casting”. 

Cotton jersey envelops the body without restricting its movements, while bouclette knitwear and wool warm it up at the heart of winter. Cuts are larger and clothing is swapped. Real-life essentials. In harmony with this collection, photographer Julia Champeau immortalises the faces of men and women from everyday life.

A discreet smile, a dreamy gaze, a mischievous glance, a dimpled cheek.

Courtesy of American Vintage