FABIO LA FAUCI #faceless

“The new body of work by Fabio La Fauci deals with the subject of portraits, expanding it through aesthetic research that is both recognisable and imaginary. The figurative language and the abstract language converse to paint the person and sculpt his personality. The elongated neck becomes the platform for the head, betraying curiosity and a certain need for recognition. The head is instead a mask, a mystification of reality. In this sense, given the levity in the consumption of contemporary images and the difficult reading of recognisable faces’ intentions, abstraction plays the role of interpreting reality and creating an additional level of complexity. The painting is still a person, a person like the others with a sense of disorientation. A person without an answer or a clear question. This is “Is it you?” The acrylic modelling paste take the place of the face, of the nose and the mouth. The gel digs up the roundness of the face. The face is complex and irregular, but rigorous in the form and in the composition.

Ceramics, an unconventional material for portraits in painting, and acrylic gel emerge from oil to continue the movement and the tensions. The juxtaposition of colours and materials are the result and the origin of Fabio’s aesthetic research that is, at the same time, demand and pleasure,dynamism and balance.” S. Matalucci

Fabio la Fauci is an Milan-born artist who lives and works in Berlin. His work has been exhibited in art galleries and art fairs internationally, including in London, San Francisco, Milan and Berlin.

Courtesy of Returnonart