Studio Boir’s Sculptural Tableware Collection Is For Socially Distanced Eating

Croatian design firm Studio Boir has conceptualized an artisan tableware collection during the coronavirus pandemic, called ‘The New Normal’—comprising five items that enable dining at a safe distance. With its collection, Studio Boir considers how to achieve harmony between intimacy and precautions, within the context of the ‘new normal’ that we are all experiencing. “‘The New Normal’ collection explores the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on traditional dining rituals, and the future that brings many restrictions to prevent the spread of the infection,” explains the studio. The pieces in the series are designed for restaurants but can be also used in the home. They include a bread basket, a platter for two, a prosciutto rack, an amuse-bouche sushi platter, and a dessert plate for sharing.

Some of the pieces feature centrally placed rocks that aim to separate the two sides of the thin steel platters, allowing the user to consume their food without fear of physical contact. “This is done in a discreet manner that doesn’t diminish the communal dining experience but enhances it by providing a novel way to present and consume food,” the studio continues. “The purpose of the barriers is primarily psychological, helping diners temporarily forget their pandemic-induced anxiety and indulge in the dining experience while maintaining a safe distance from one another.”

Courtesy of Ignat