Moncler Genius unveils Poldo Dog Couture collection collaboration 2020 The latest Moncler line is doggy style

Did we hit a new low with that standfirst? Perhaps. Cheap puns aside, Moncler has extended its expansive range of cool collaborations yet again. This time, marking another edition of the brand’s foray into the delightful world of fur balls together with Italian brand Poldo Dog Couture. Specialising in refined clothing for man’s best friend, the luxurious accessories feature the classic duvet dog vest—charmingly called the Mondog—made with nylon laque in a variety of colours. readyviewed The classic down jacket comes with 100% silver film incorporated into a nylon jersey mesh , creating that space-age aesthetics with a crinkled and ultra-lightweight finish. It also includes one reversible style to choose the look for the day. The mix of matte and fuzzy knit fabrics have been recreated to provide absolute comfort so your dog knows you love it better than you love yourself.

And as much as it’s unmatched style, protection is still key. Moncler’s precedence for functionality and practically comes through the unique and obviously adorable silhouettes of puffer coats and hooded raincoats in four-legged cuts. But if a bit of Moncler is what you want without necessarily the heat of an outerwear, there’s the leather-trimmed leash and collar to accessorise with.

The Moncler Poldo Dog Couture Collection is available in flagship stores and online at

Courtesy of Esquiresg