Costas Spathis Aerial and geometric photography

Costas Spathis is a Greek artist born and raised in Greece. He studied architecture at
University of Thessaly and he took his adoration for the arts and turned it into a career.
Despite studying architecture, his preferred artistic medium is photography. Costa’s
distinctive style in aerial photography departs mostly from the field of architecture, where
simple geometries or mathematical sequences are reflected in his work, dominated by
symmetry axes, patterns, vanishing points and aligned positions through a minimal view.
The human presence is most often displaying as an indication of scale. Costas’s works
have challenged the boundaries of drone photography, with innovative techniques and
passion, he brings to his audience a perspective on our world, beyond the imagination.


Why did you decide to become a photographer?

Since childhood, I pursued my passion for aesthetics and architecture, I was thinking in
squares and lines, I was passionate for capturing topdown shots and remember looking
for symmetry up in the sky. When social media firstly showed up I became more
interested in sharing my point of view. Coming from a self-taught background, I boost a
certain energy that constantly drives my growth as an artist.

What is your inspiration when approaching a new project?

The primary inspiration for my work have never changed, channeling my studies of
architectural design, my photos built on linearity and symmetry. Geometry is my main
source of inspiration and I usually find very interesting patterns in nature and over the
cities. I am always aware and get prepared before I visit a place, by looking in maps and
searching for interesting patterns that will inspire me.

What are the subjects you like most to photograph?

By combining architectural features with those of photography, the composition of each
shot can be geometric, minimal and many times the angle it is taken can resemble a
pattern. When geometry comes from nature, I like to capture the light and shadows that
are created. I love to see the balance and composition in geometries through
photography. I really enjoy to create concepts with people and their relationship with the
surroundings and I am always curious about how the life and everyday routine can look
from above in diverse places and landscapes.

 What relationship do you have with geometry?

My photography is characterized mainly by geometry and symmetry in every day life and
nature, while focusing in human scale, top down views, vanishing points, patterns,
geometric shapes and so on. I focus on straightforward elements and I like to discover
motives, since my passion and inspiration is architecture and design. While wandering for
these features in my work, I started using drones and that has evolved into my style of
photography and helped me to discover geometry in a bigger scale.

 Your photos are full of colors, what is your relationship with them?

My images represent life and places from above in different scales. My concepts in
composition with the vibrant colours hold to a happy feeling that transforms the viewer’s
gaze into an enduring imagination for how beautiful, diverse and colourful can our life be.
I love to bring happiness in viewers eye, I think that this is what people need the most