Musée du Louvre in Paris partnership by UNIQLO 2021

UNIQLO welcomes 2021 by announcing a four-year partnership with Musée du Louvre in Paris with the aim of offering a wide-ranging program to better familiarize the public with the museum’s must-see masterpieces and bring the joy of art in daily life. The UNIQLO T-shirt (UT) brand will debut its Louvre Museum Collection on February 4, with the date to differ by market. UNIQLO plans to release more items to its Louvre collaboration collection through 2024.


Musée du Louvre: Blossoms of Diversity

A beautiful UT collection focusing in on the “diversity of women” found among the Louvre Museum’s art collections.


Musée du Louvre: Art and Logic by PETER SAVILLE

A brilliant collaboration between the renowned graphic designer Peter Saville and the Louvre Museum.


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